Poems Featured in the Philippine Graphic (Vol 16, No. 33/January 26, 2006)



There is a sleazy element in the air

which tells an old tree to molt

the foliage of its thoughts

as they blend with your thoughts

and the tree creeper’s before the final blow.

The lighter the easier one falls or escapes.

It tells me too to like it or lump it; 

but I protest or maybe I am starting

to doubt  the sureness of the road sign

or if my picture of you is accurate.

Tell me if I am wrong to suppose

the wind will not blow for now.


In a dark corner of the highway where the wings

of change shift toward the way-worn traveler,

and the moon is a dime a dozen on the tableau

of rushing cars, careening wheels, and the car bra–

a screen of shadows ahead of the gray leaves

of the wind which tells the tree creeper it is wrong–


tell me instead of a happy life

the eager wings of the highway

will put behind your weary shades.

June 19, 2005



To a Mother Waiting

Under a moonlit sky the calmness you long

Is slowly breathing in your heart a cool desert

Is longed by the warm wind is blown by time.

A long still surviving road ahead

And the road a high grade of shadows is gray

And the night above a quiet landscape.


It is how the moon can see you now.

Tomorrow the sun will long for you

The longing that you were the long deep

Breathing that you were or nothing about the glare

Of the moonlight could ever make you see


The soundness of waiting

Upon the road the sun

Will singe on the wide earth.

Virgilio Aquino Rivas

Quezon City

September 12, 2005


A Night Along the Bushes 

Pure and divine one

Thing gets in the way

Of the other the virgin

She has become magic

Is love has become of it

–though it’s pure still. 


O so the devil says.

Nothing is not in danger

Of ruinations of forked

Tongue. Say it now.

Yes I do. You did fine.

No, it’s never meant.

Nothing further said.


We shent each other

Deeply into the night

Has become

Magic without sin

Is love

May 12, 2005

Quezon City


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