Report Topics by Group

Instructions:Briefly but substantially discuss the major thinkers assigned per historical period.  Be able to present their unifying historical thread.  In other words, i do not wish to hear independent discussions of these thinkers’ major contributions to Philosophy of Man. An easy reference for these discussions is Bertrand Russell’s Problems of Philosophy and the many volumes of Fredric Coppleston’s History of Philosophy.  (I can be available for consultation before each group’s presentation)

Names of major thinkers per period appear in random order.  Each group is required to submit a term paper on assigned topic/s

Group 1(Late Medieval Period)

1. St. Thomas Aquinas

2. Roger Bacon

3. St. Bonaventure

4. John Duns Scotus

5.  William of Ockham

Group 2 (Modern Era)

1.  Francis Bacon

2.  Rene Descartes

3.  Baruch Spinoza

4.  Gottfried William Leibniz

5.  Thomas Hobbes

6.  John Locke

7. David Hume

Group 3 (Early Contemporary Period)

1.  Immanuel Kant

2.  Jean Jacques Rousseau

3.  Charles Darwin

4.  Karl Marx

5.  Friedrich Nietzsche

6.  Arthur Schopenhauer

Group 4 (Late Contemporary)

1.  W.F. Hegel

2.  Jean Paul Sartre

3.  Soren Kierkegaard

4.  Sigmund Freud

5.  Martin Heidegger


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