Take Home Exam for ABTA Class

  1. Write an essay treating the ‘existence of others’ as subject to doubt from the standpoint of absolute skepticism.  Defend a position in which the only certain knowledge you can achieve is the knowledge of your self.  If you doubt you can do it, then proceed instead to write an essay treating your own existence as subject to the impressions of others.
  2. If reason has no other purpose than to prescribe its own rules, show how reason becomes a judge of the universe.
  3. Write an essay explaining how the universal usage which we make of the statement “every man is mortal” becomes a true statement despite the fact that it is impossible to verify its truth in all individuals.
  4. Or write an essay explaining how would you designate an indefinite number of similar individuals (because it is impossible to account for every individual in the known habitable world) a common name called “Man” which represents them.
  5. Demonstrate the practical significance of Freudian psychoanalysis in a conscious study of culture.

Instructions:  Answer all items on a standard bond paper (8 ½ x 11), single space, 1 inch both margins, maximum of 200 hundred words, minimum of 150 words (in each item), font (Times New Roman, Arial), font size (12).  You must comply with these technical requirements or your works will remain unread.  Deadline is on Friday, October 20.


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