Possible Questions for Oral Exam (Philo of Politics)

1.        Discuss the relation of the cave to the philosopher’s task.  Be able to characterize what the cave stood for the philosopher-guardians vis-à-vis their task to bring the prisoners to the light of the sun.

2.       Explain why liberation from the cave is not enough.  What is at stake for the philosopher-guardians in their task of emancipating others.

3.       The Republic is a meticulous process of achieving a best governed city.  Compare the advantages and disadvantages of this aim relative to our modern political predicament.

4.       Would you consider the philosopher’s task of liberating cave prisoners as of a like mission premised on a noble lie?

5.       Compare Plato’s political blueprint with Aristotle’s politics. Give at least five aspects of their convergence.

6.       Explain why the polis should be founded on the perfection of virtues from the Aristotelian standpoint.

7.       Discuss the similarity of Plato, Aristotle and Aquinas in terms of their respective political philosophies.

8.       Discuss how Aquinas synthesized Plato and Aristotle vis-à-vis his view of human polity.

9.       What are the four virtues expounded by Aristotle essential in establishing a just polity. Explain each and its essential connection to the others.

10.   Aristotle’s Politics diverges from Plato’s Republic. Identify at least five aspects of this divergence specific to the works mentioned.



NB:  Each student will be given three questions to answer from among the list of questions given.   Maximum time for answering each question is 3 minutes.

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