Question for Group 2 (Philosophy of Politics)

1.        Discuss the differences of Plato and Aristotle in terms of their view of the role of the family in a best governed city.

2.       How does nature play a role in Plato’s Republic, specifically, in relation to the function of reproduction in the ideal city-state? 

3.       Relate the ideal solution of the Republic to our modern predicament over population control.  Discuss Plato’s eugenics in this regard.

4.       Discuss some of the important connections of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and his Politics.  How is his conception of political science related to the moral recovery of the soul?

5.       How can right training and experience help men acquire foresight and intelligence in the best conduct of governing the city? Emphasize the concepts of phronesis and habit in Aristotle.


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