Remembering the times of Kafka and Jesenská


Just for now, let’s set off into a time
When just about everything was old.

Old enough to recall if
It was a time
In a pipe dream of tourists
They were spiders.

Was it like you once told me?
Was it credible enough

To tell someone his age?
Was it just a while telling us to love and forget?

Ah! Let’s set off a tune that we alone can hear.
“Help me remember your time.
Take me deep into your space.”

Was it like you once whispered in my ear?
Did you like how it made you sing a juju?


3 thoughts on “Remembering the times of Kafka and Jesenská”

  1. As I read many of your works Sir. Rivas, and as I read the word juju there on most of your works I observed that you are so poetic that it makes your piece having a hidden meaning and most of the time I find your works consisting of such an image.. Sir. Rivas, i want to learn how to write Philosophy..

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