Prelim to A Therapy Session

What becomes of the face of the sun when it starts to age?
It is like asking a tree to die. And die without
Leaving a trace of sorrow. A tree that doesn’t show
A face, or because its lack of face beats any sorrow.
Pity the living that shows so much face.

I don’t expect you to understand me.
I came from a far-flung place only children believe exists.
There sorrow is everything, too familiar to count as truth.

What is truth but of pulling one’s feet off the ground?

Is it sound to ask a tree its gender? The sun if it ever tried
Cooling its feet on a stream? A watercourse breaking
The ramparts of poetry that knows too much about what
Is human and so what a face is all about?

Come with me.
I can show you what you can’t imagine.

Just tell me everything you need to show.
A tree shall be the witness.
I have only two things to ask of you.

Bring me that tree.
Try to make it sing.
Then, as I hope to satisfy you, I shall make you cry.

I shall make you wipe your face,
Make you more capable of poetry,
Of your “full monty and the holy grail.”

In the meantime try hard not to open your eyes.
It’s “monty python” by the way.
But I can keep a secret.

(inspired by “Donnie Darko”)

4 thoughts on “Prelim to A Therapy Session”

  1. Sir, I know that Man is what his Human acts make him.. as I attend your Seminar last november, one of the speaker there said that Man exist depending to the power of his choice, so therefore if I choose not to decide at all.. am I existing?

  2. SIr.. I know that Man is what his Human acts make him.. and as I attend your seminar last month.. one of the speaker said that Man exist depending on the power of his choice.. therefore if I choose not to decide at all am I existing?

  3. Hi Glenn. It’s good to hear from you…Regarding your question “if you choose not to decide would you still be considered existing?” only appears problematic if the question is raised from the standpoint of metaphysics. If among others metaphysics believes that a question can be separated from the person who asked it, and therefore from any person other than the initiator of the question, say the one to whom the question is addressed, it is not difficult to conclude that the question exists, especially if the question is said to have acquired an objective and independent character, that is, independent of the person who in the first place inaugurated the objective possibility of the question. This ‘who’ in all objective status and in relation to any objective possibility that it can inaugurate, say, through initiating a question, is obviously what many would like to call Man–he who alone is capable of objectivity, such as a question, granting that the question ex hypothesi is objective.

    We can therefore ask: Is it objective to say that the objectivity of the question is warranted by the separation of the question from the person?I may hazard a point here about your particular question. You must have decided to ask a question that in itself is distinguishable from any other question that may belong to the same problematic of existence. A follow up question is in order: Did you or did you not actually decide to raise a particular question regarding the relation of decision to existence? But since you already asked the question it is obvious that a decision was made. And not only that. The trail of decision goes further back to a much earlier decision to address a question to a person other than you, obviously, me.

    That leaves me at some point to a decision, specifically, in relation to your question whether your non-decision can still constitute your existence. I have to tell you that I have the option not to decide here. If you notice, however, I already made a decision and that is to respond to you. The responsal itself guarantees that you exist at a minimum level of intersubjectivity, you and I in a bare relationship of question and answer which human curiosity puts in place.

    At this minimum level, Glenn, I can therefore tell you that you exist. Curiously enough, your question concerning the positive relationship between decision and existence and thus also the negative relationship between non-decision and non-existence, by virtue of correlation, had been decided in advance. For the most part, it was you who decided upon the direction that the question would take. And it took us here.

    Happy holidays, Glenn!

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