On Kafka and Marx

Rutilant. That is what they were.
Until the passion was lost into the empty space of meaning.

She took off her undies and delighted in the meaning
He gave with the look of a hungry child;

His innocent hands were like those
That once made her lips lisped the juju cry

Defying her tightness,
Her lifeless autonomy in the shape of things.

But never her true words, the roundness of her mental acoustics.

Still, those hands never accomplished more than
Taking her by surprise…


One thought on “On Kafka and Marx”

  1. Sir I Just want to say thank you for a very wonderful moment that you give to us.. ah di ka po namin makalilimutan.. by the way I have here a poem that I want to give to you personally pero dito na lang po siguro sa site nyo po..

    And this is it..

    A Teacher’s Love

    A teacher that is unique
    A teacher that is one of a kind
    A teacher that is perfect
    A type of teacher that is hard to find
    A teacher that is sweet
    A teacher that is perpetually fair
    A teacher that you know
    Will always be there..

    A teacher with an amazing spirit
    A teacher with a striking heart
    A teacher that is trustworthy
    A teacher that is smart
    A teacher that usages your pain
    A teacher that can dry your tears
    A teacher with unrestricted love
    A teacher that can alleviate your fears
    A teacher with an exquisite smile
    That could never been ignored

    A teacher that’s never been hurtful
    A teacher that is easily adorned
    A teacher that is respectful
    A teacher who is loved by all
    A teacher that is relied upon
    A teacher who never let you fall
    A teacher you can talk to..

    His compassion is known by a glistening glow
    Just by sparkling his remarkable light,
    The whole world will know,
    What a great and amazing person he is,
    A teacher that I shall never forget
    He is the greatest ever been known,

    thank you sir.ver.. haha.. hope you like it..

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