Singularity and Post-Humanity

Click title.  Singularity and Posthumanity.Towards a non-political economy

Above is a short version of my paper (designed for 20-minute talk) I delivered for the 35th PHAVISMINDA conference held at Xavier University, south of the country.

I hope to do in my next post a reaction to Dr. Jade Principle’s question on my take at non-philosophy and the concept of undecidability. (Dr. Principle is teaching at Ateneo De Manila University, perhaps, the only Platonic scholar in the country). Mainly due to time constraints I was not able to substantiate my reaction to his question, which is really difficult relative to my initial understanding of non-philosophy. After some mulling about, I was not satisfied with the answer I’d given to the question. I was on board a plane 37,000 feet above sea level (on my way to Manila) when it occurred to my mind the answer I should have given to his question.

Also, I hope to do a reaction to the paper delivered by one of the plenary speakers of the conference, Dr. Martin Agustin, on planetary collapse (a theme that is closer to the work I am pursuing).

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