Terence Blake’s pedagogical interventions on Alex Galloway’s critique of speculative realism and object-oriented ontology. For those who are doing continental philosophy on the side of the universe here (in Asia and the Philippines), these are very fresh stuffs. Check out his other posts as well.


Here is an attempt to make explicit some of the implicit presuppositions of Galloway’s article. Any constructive comments on content or formulation are welcome.

As one may be aware from previous posts I am very critical of Galloway’s article, finding it confused and chaotic. I also find that it presupposes too much and that Galloway himself has not been willing to do the pedagogical work of filling in the background necessary to at least understand what the presuppositions are, even if one does not agree with them. I have taken up the thankless task of explicating some of these presuppositions, but only because some of the critiques seemed to me to be deliberately obfuscating them.

One cannot do everything in an article, and so one has to build on the shoulders of one’s predecessors. So I would say that the allusion to Badiou is the first track to take up…

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