Some non-discussions on non-philosophy and a segue into Deleuze.


update: John Mullarkey has replied and Virgilio Rivas has made some very interesting comments.

Adrian from Schizosophy has launched an interesting critique of non-philosophy in a discussion on facebook, in response to a quote I translated from Laruelle. I copy his comment and my reply here in the hope of furthering the discussion.

Laruelle: “If one may give advice, it is better to be a floating and inspired reader, as the author must sometimes be, an undulatory reader rather than a corpuscular one. He must begin like one diving into the water or like one who is already in it, like Descartes, who is anxious at getting out of his depth, acts on the flows that carry him and becomes that transcendental swimmer the philosopher, his head both under and out of the water. He will hasten to get out of the water, like the archaic fish, Descartes again, and…

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