Vital Materialities

Thought pieces I wish to write about this weekend
(1) From Matthew Segall
“The Sun remained a hero undescended and unrisen; an invincible god unburdened by (e)motion of any kind; a distant, objective observer. This provides a telling analogy for the hubris of the newly empowered solar ego whose great flash of insight had lead (sic) it to forget or repress its shadow by pushing the death-rebirth mystery into unconsciousness.”
My Platonic Bataillean non-philosophy (by morotarious Deleuze) is aching to expand the above passages. There is something in them that I envy. I wish I could have written them. 
(2) From Steven Hickman
“[A] naturalist perspective onto religion – yet, not one that is reductionary, and derogatory toward religious practices; but, one that sees in these practices deep seated human needs, both ethical and political, that have bound humans and the natural world together in a material cultural matrix that we should incorporated into our philosophical spectrum rather than anathematizing if we are ever to find a path forward”
Material-cultural-matrix. Acronym, M-C-M. Anyone familiar with Marx’s equation? This is it! 
(3) Miscellaneous
So as not to burden myself of additional writing tasks, I’m unloading few words about Matthew Segall’s reply to my earlier post “Hermetic Deleuze: Anesthetizing Chaos.” His words:
“I’ve given some thought to the effects of the Internet, especially blogging/vlogging, on neuro-cognitive evolution. The Global Network of Capitalized Information is fast at work relieving us of our own private subjectivity. Our very selves are being gobbled up through our MacBooks onto the corporate-owned harddrives of Twitter, FaceBook, WordPress, and Google (Google is even gobbling up our apartment buildings, the continents and the oceans, even the stars and the sky by way of their satellization of the elements into a virtual Google Earth!).” (See comments, Hermetic Deleuze: Anesthetizing Chaos)
Elsewhere I wrote:
“The moment one seeks information, visibility follows. For one is also a bit of information that others seek. By becoming visible one helps the social order increase its knowledge base for global computation in terms of mapping, mining and analyzing psycho-social coordinates necessary for systems to widen their scope, which means high return of investment. To encourage visibility and hence to increase the knowledge base, systems resort to the psycho-social dynamics of combating anonymity, reification and obscurity by providing accessible thus therapeutic platforms for coming out into the world, venues for expressibility and collective recognition, promoting the dictum that opacity is specious, that the darkness it promotes is suspiciously evil” (unpublished essay)
Global systems demand visibility, and always challenge our capacity for self-reification. Self-reification is a mode of existence which guarantees a temporary hermetic space that systems cannot penetrate. Systems aim to shatter these spaces to extract information necessary for global computation. Global computation is the arrangement of plateaus, grids, lines of flights, scales and axes transformed into codes, which in essence are mechanics to delay the fullest deleterious effects of chaos or entropy that is indifferent to human interests. But here’s the catch. Once systems successfully shattered these spaces they lost vital computational resources. In other words, system collapse is avoided by preserving the very spaces it wishes to totalize.
Is this called capitalist realism?
But we have reached a point where self-reification is challenged by the limit of computational resources, namely, the anthropocene. Self-reification is increasingly losing a cause.
Once, this technology of the self was directed at systems and human and natural aggregates–the concealment of self vis-à-vis the rise of systems.
Today while humanity’s influence over the geophysical evolution of the planet could no longer be downplayed as just another myth of the Overman, self-reification is confronting the constrained spatiality (the living planet) of the reflexive loop that once emboldened its freedom cause.
As Terence Blake would quip, “No fixed roads, no stable frameworks…”
Or, instead of self-reification “what is needed here is a de-organ-ization of thought.” Thus spoke David.
Here, the universe is rehearsing the big crunch.
This will entail transparency, once and for all. Making oneself available for the service of humanity that is facing a new entropic war. But, will systems take the bait?
Did I hear it right? Google earth?

2 thoughts on “Vital Materialities”

  1. Haha … I read Marx over and over when I was younger, and had forgotten the attribution of that acronym. Funny, how forgetfulness spawns such resurgence of thought. I think Nietzsche had as much to say about forgetfulness, too. 🙂

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