Footnotes2plato: On Evil

See My thoughts (below)  are less to the point than Matthew had achieved in his post:


… From asking how evil is possible to why it exists is a single interrogation in transit: Evil avoids itself by splitting the question itself. It is the ability to dodge its own bullet. As it is to Heidegger’s ontological difference that has the character of a passage, evil passes in whatever form it actualizes itself: from the motion of stars, to the struggling compositions of bodies, evil is impermanent. It is the perfect un-Spinozist sign that has to command fear and trembling; a flawless Kierkegaardian setting for a world that never allows the true experience of risk, to risk halting motion and the decisions it requires, to overturn the world for what it has stood for. And no one seems to have seen the difference that Zeno had made…


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