Pop Nihilism and The Dust Of This Planet

Although I think the discussions (on podcast) still lack depth, it’s still worth listening to. Pop nihilism is certainly a symptom of what’s going on deep in our civilization. But insofar as the source of this symptom is to be found beneath, way beneath, I think Ben Woodard’s book “On an Ungrounded Earth” complements Thacker’s in many ways.

synthetic zero

From RADIO LAB A conversation with Eugene Thacker on the truth, beauty and post-goodness of pessimism (nihilism?)

Eugene Thacker is an author and associate professor at The New School in New York. Thacker is known for his writings on philosophy, media theory, music/sound studies, and writings on the horror and science fiction genres. His work is often associated with the philosophy of nihilism and pessimism. Thacker’s most recent books are the Horror of Philosophy series and After Life, and he also writes a column called “Occultural Studies.” He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a PhD in Comparative Literature from Rutgers University.

In his ongoing series Horror of Philosophy, Thacker explores the idea of the “unthinkable world” as represented in the horror genre, in philosophies of pessimism and nihilism, and in the apophatic (“darkness”) mysticism traditions. In the first volume, In The…

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6 thoughts on “Pop Nihilism and The Dust Of This Planet”

  1. Hello Virgilio,

    Michael from SyntheticZero.net here.. Wondering if I could persuade you do write a guest blog post over on our site re: Nietzsche, Nihilism and Laruelle (or non-standard philosophy) – or thereabouts? The piece can be as formal or informal as you like, but the hope would be that it would be fairly accessible while still informed by your scholarship. Seeing as those of us doing the S_Z thing are posturing as post-nihilist it helps to get some perspective on what nihilism means to others, and and what it might mean to move through it toward the “post”. I for one value your perspective so I don’t request this lightly, and it would be a great way to promote your own work and blog…

    Let me know by dropping an email at ambientdisorder(at)gmail.com

    Thanks for considering this..

    All the best,


  2. very good well when we did latour’s aime with adamrobberts/knowledgeecology people posted in their times and than picked up others when they could and it seemed to work fine

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