Perfect Sense: A Review

I came back to this movie and knew finally what to say: The last touch is the skinless structure of the apocalypse.


I thought The Netflix synopsis of “Perfect Sense” (directed by David Mackenzie) made the movie sound gimmicky at best. “With each person around the world slowly losing all five senses, love becomes more valuable than ever?” Aside from imminent sentimentality, this description signaled to me the inevitable deployment of a cheap trick. Yet with Eva Green and Ewan McGregor leading the cast, I thought, show me the maudlin gimmick.

Susan (Green) is an epidemiologist working on this sense-subtracting disease that begins with a few cases and ends up a pandemic. Michael (McGregor) is a talented chef at a high-end restaurant that shares an alley with Susan’s apartment. Both characters are self-admitted assholes who fall in unlikely love while this affliction deconstructs their very personhood (along with everyone else’s on the planet). I don’t need to tell you to balk at my description if I’ve made the movie sound less…

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