Goodbye, Benjamin




On the Doctrine of the Similar 


‘God did not name Man.’ It says now, goodbye

Benjamin, the world is needed on the other shore.

It won’t matter anymore should you be alive

Once again, relying on other people’s memories,

If it stopped on the same tracks, in the same room,

By the window to the great outdoors,

On the streets your feet knew better than anyone;

How they never get tired, she wondered,

Your birthing gestures on the brink of words,

One adds in isolation,

Like the sea, reclaimed to a fault,

Your hands in hers,

Minor echoes of caves leaning on the canvas,

Little joys waiting in patience,

As long as children could keep a secret,

 So long, machine!

All these now relieved of the burdens of the unnamed. 

To Kafka

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