Essay :: Querying Eco-logics

Querying Eco-logics

Technoscience Research Unit

Read and share this collectively written essay that queries ecology along with the Technoscience Salon.


Querying Eco-logics: A collective experiment in affective ecologies and the politics of form and function

by Astrid Schrader, Roberta Buiani, Jessica Caporusso, Lisa Cockburn, Peter Hobbs, Kelly Ladd,Darren Patrick

The Space of the Technoscience Salon

The term ‘ecology’ was introduced by Ernst Haeckel in 1866 as an ‘economy of nature’ in comparison with and contradistinction to human economies; ecology implies a science of counting and accounting. The scientific discourse is about countable nature, that is, an entity composed of measurable bits that naturally strive toward a specific direction in order to maintain a balance. Historically, the ‘economy of nature’ has been used interchangeably with the notion of ‘balance of nature’, suggesting that without human interference nature is self-regulating and teleological, striving to maintain itself.[1] Without such a goal…

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