On the Mimetic Faculty

Many times bigger than God

A critter in run-of-the-mill dress

No wider than a human head

Can have sex with the forest.

No better magic could do the trick with her,

No proverb wiser than a river.

Relieved of their origins,

Each plumage lost in raw meat

Monkeys would ape in the likeness of the stars.

With birds of prey together they cracked

The minutiae trembling of Abraham,

His words clipped to an ailing chest.

Large or small, they mimic

A hermeneutic reading: a river deposed,

Oceans chiselled to a boiling point,

Islands on war footing.

Let’s all welcome the non-bourgeois.


‘To read what was never written.’ Such reading is the most
ancient: reading before all languages, from the entrails, the
stars, or dances’ (W. Benjamin, “On the Mimetic Faculty”)


NB: Endorsement



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