If a sea of lights could mask the sadness of days ahead, will you miss the rains to pull you back from the heat of avenging day? The skylark perched on an unknown tree, the lonely sound it reminds of days bleeding as voices severed from the hand; the bareback of billboards announcing the world melding with speeding trains that shed off their skin.
And the last words:
The sooner that sovereign cloud began to efface the moon, all that hunger before the light switch takes precedence over all names: God, life, the world, seeds to grow into trees, the dry season, foods to avoid, friends, hard drives, stolen identities, a poem to ponder, a lost necklace, a child you dream to have, ‘And oh, did you ever read the book?’ would fade away just as quickly as your countless hurried little deaths.
Image credit: http://triptheislands.com/

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