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Necropolitics in Tiqqun’s ‘Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young Girl’

‘like the eponymous Young Girl, [individuals] are divided internally.’ Marlana Eck

Awaiting Moderation

hqdefault“Denying life to the point of death” could not be much more apparent than in Tiqqun’s Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young Girl. The group Tiqqun argues that Capitalist culture has made individuals so allied with consumerism that they, like the eponymous Young Girl, are divided internally, unaware of both their powerlessness and (therefore) potential power.

To understand Tiqqun’s Young Girl is no easy task. Tiqqun uses many pages, plenty filled with sentences that start “The Young Girl,” to describe who “she” is. As the text goes on, we find out, despite the gendered moniker, Young Girl is neither a “girl” or “young.” Young Girl could just as much be a male model preening on the cover of Men’s Health as a male Wall Street banker: deathly serious about his ability to make money, frivolous in his use of that money and careless as to how it is made.


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