what happens after brexit?

Failure is ‘wonderfully apocalyptic’


So what happens after ‪#‎brexit‬: Scotland will leave the UK. Ireland will reunify into a single country. France and the Netherlands will be forced out of the EU as well. Russia will invade Ukraine and Finland. President Trump will accede to this, thus ending NATO. Northern and Southern Italy will split. Pope Francis will declare Rome a Papal State. What is left of Spain will claim the Netherlands and Sicily by right as descendants of the Hapsburgs. Turkey will invade Cyprus. The Papal States will gain greater territory. First in Southern Italy, then in Poland. Then Austria. Pope Francis will be declared the new Holy Roman Emperor. Spain will break into pieces with Andalucia joining the New Roman Empire. Eventually Ireland will join as well. Germany and Northern Italy will begin disintegrating into city-states which will form a loose alliance based on the Swiss model. Flanders, Netherlands and…

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2 thoughts on “what happens after brexit?”

  1. “And the people did not want migrant rape mobs in their streets and Muslim massacres in their pubs. They were tired of Afghani migrants living in posh homes with their four wives while they worked hard and sick of seeing their daughters passed around by “Asian” cabbies from Pakistan in ways utterly indistinguishable from the ISIS slave trade while the police looked the other way so as not to appear racist. And, most of all, they were sick of the entire Eurocratic establishment that let it all happen.”

    “When Nigel Farage of UKIP told Count Von Rompuy that “I can speak on behalf of the majority of British people in saying that we don’t know you, we don’t want you and the sooner you are put out to grass, the better,” he was fined for it by the Bureau of the European Parliament after refusing to apologize. But now it’s Farage and the Independence Party who have had the last laugh. ”

    “The majority of British people didn’t want Count Von Rompuy and his million-dollar pension, or Donald Tusk, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and the rest of the monkeys squatting on Britain’s back.”

    “Count Von Rompuy has lost his British provinces. And the British people have their nation back. ”

    “The word of the future isn’t “union.” It’s “freedom.” A process has begun that will not end in Britain. It will spread around the world liberating nations from multinational institutions.”


  2. https://kenanmalik.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/the-revolt-of-the-fragments/

    “Social solidarity has become defined increasingly not in political terms – as collective action in pursuit of certain political ideals – but in terms of ethnicity or culture. The question people ask themselves is not so much ‘In what kind of society do I want to live?’ as ‘Who are we?’. The two questions are, of course, intimately related, and any sense of social identity must embed an answer to both. The relationship between the two is, however, complex and fluid.

    As the political sphere has narrowed, and as mechanisms for political change eroded, so the two questions have come more and more to be regarded as synonymous. The answer to the question ‘In what kind of society do I want to live?’ has become shaped less by the kinds of values or institutions we want to struggle to establish, than by the kind of people that we imagine we are; and the answer to ‘Who are we?’ defined less by the kind of society we want to create than by the history and heritage to which supposedly we belong.”

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