The Word of Nietzsche



One word, even if it’s the least

a deeply upset devil

can promise to send hell breaking loose,

as if  it wasn’t hell

before the day we were  born,

is  the same as the pledge of the noontide:

All of us shall be witness to God’s word.

Indeed, we were born of love.

Before us was the word that had begotten it.

Love is the language of the word.

We always love to have a word.

What is a word?

It is a juju.


4 thoughts on “The Word of Nietzsche”

  1. Amazing Virgilio… I didn’t realize your wrote poetry. Of course been a while for me to come by… 🙂 I need to come more often, been so busy of late.

    thanks for the several poems… 🙂

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